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Temporary Transition to Virtual Learning

UPDATE: Douglas MacArthur Elementary School Temporary Transition to Virtual Learning for Friday, 10/21/22

Dear Douglas MacArthur Families,

As promised, we are writing with a follow-up to this afternoon’s message regarding the external fire that affected our school’s electricity, phone lines and internet access. At this time, based on the work being performed to restore these functions at our school, we want to notify you about a temporary transition to virtual learning on Friday, Oct. 21, 2022, for your student at Douglas MacArthur Elementary School (Douglas MacArthur). 

All Douglas MacArthur students will have at-home asynchronous online learning on Friday, Oct. 21, 2022 due to the power outage that is not expected to be resolved by the start of the school day. 

Asynchronous online learning allows students to learn the same material virtually, but at different times and locations, without live instruction. As a reminder, when students participate in asynchronous online learning, they will be able to devote time to the completion of projects and assignments already in progress as posted on Canvas and Clever; there will be no delivery of new content on these days. 

Please have your student log into Canvas or Clever for information specific to them. To provide classroom-specific guidance for a successful virtual day, teachers will host virtual office hours ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. Students can learn when their teachers’ virtual office hours will be held by viewing the information posted for them on Canvas and Clever.

We do not expect students to operate on a specified time schedule, but aim for two hours of asynchronous learning in grades Pre-K - first grade and up to four hours in grades two to five. Our aim is to provide guidelines for a variety of asynchronous work within the context of a day that will hopefully preserve ample time for social and emotional learning breaks.

Thank you to all staff and families for your understanding and flexibility, and for all you do to support our students and school. 


Mrs. Penny Hairston
Principal, Douglas MacArthur Elementary School